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ViparSpectra Giveaway

To all ViparSpectra customers,

Thank you for your long-time support to us. As you know, we have led lamp brand company that has been operating for 10 years. We always keep a simple goal in mind: to provide innovative indoor gardening products at affordable prices. Your strong support is indispensable. Thank you for accompanying us to grow together. I Hope ViparSpectra’s lights could help everyone grow their plants.


Summer is coming to an end, we are going to plan an event to hug the autumn,everyone has a chance to win our prizes.

Event theme: Share the Planting Journey with ViparSpectra!

Prize: Vouchers worth 10-30 US dollars




How to join?

① Start new journey on,,,

② Send all journeys to, the corresponding voucher limit will be sent to your account after confirming the journeys.




① RIU&420 Forum: New thread, updated at least 2 weeks; Share your experience or share your plants would be okay.

② GD Forum: Open a new journey, share excellent pictures,and maintain the plant results. If the planting fails due to weather or other uncontrollable factors and cannot participate, the participant can plant again or modify part of the content.

③Join ViparSpectra reddit community /r/ViparSpectraGrower/ and share planting experience.


Deadline: Oct. 25th


① Whether the journey meets the requirements of this event is directly confirmed by the official. If need, the participants could modify it according to the official instructions.

② Validity period of the voucher: valid within 20 days from the date of delivery.

③ For more rules, ViparSpectra will make adjustments based on actual conditions and will not notify them separately. Please be aware.


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